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As soon as.

'As soon as you know what you don't know, you will know what you do know. Hang on, what do we mean by this? Where are we, and where are you. You are exactly where you should be. In the middle, between two worlds, the old and the new. The growing and the outgrown. The house of cards may tumble, as it falls know you are safe. The Illusion was always what it needed to be, for the time it was it. The struggle was real. The outcome is as it is supposed to be, it is, as if it is the answer to all of your questions that you never asked. What we are saying, is that all is as its supposed to be, and where its supposed to be. Like a child leaves its toys and then comes back to them, to play again. To pick up where you left off, to realize and accustom to the new, that is really the old. The old ways are yours to claim and proclaim again.

To rejoice in remembering, and remembering to rejoice. What if we told you that it is not what you think it is. It is more, it is less, it is everything that you have hoped for, longed for, and looked forward to. What will it look like, feel like, to walk again in the garden of free will. Oh wait, you already do. Well walk, skip, run, and rejoice. What for, you may ask. What for, for what, how do I rejoice when I am not sure what it is I am rejoicing for? Just rejoice anyway, for no specific reason. Your toys are where you left them, pick them up and play again.'

The Circle of the Ancient Ones

26/09/2022 - Channeled by Lemurian Grace

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