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We whirl with you.

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

'You are immaculate, just as you are and don't let anybody tell you different.

You are housed in a shell, a worthless shell really, you are the worth. But self needs to know that. What is being selfless - that does not work at all - look at the word - don't be less than yourself. Never put yourself less than any other, you are a part of a race, the human race, pity no one and bow down to no-one.

You are a sovereign being with birth rights should you claim them. Claim them, they are yours to claim.

You were given free will - the greatest gift of all. A present in so many different shapes and forms. It is human to not see it as a present, even though it is.

Where do you sit, stand, be in this world? In your body - your body can be in any place but you cant be in another's body. So respect your temple - your body, and remember to feed it in lots of different ways. It gets fed information, it gets fed food, it gets fed crazy gossip and loopy tv. What else are you feeding it? Nourishment comes in many different shapes and form.

Relax your mind and relax your body. Stop feeding it stressful versions of yourself. Rewrite the program of self - what do we mean by this? Rewrite what you thought you know, and remember to take a step back from everything that may be whirl-winding around you.

What if this whirlwind was a mass of lightening, of mud, of water, of clay, of rain, slashing down, washing, washing, spinning, spinning. What if this whirlwind was you not knowing any different. Not realizing that a whirlwind brews and forms by outside forces. And so you know how to move through it if you realize you are powerful and that what counteracts mindless movement - Stillness. What counteracts stillness - the on switch. Maybe its ok to turn that baby off every now and again, and return in.

When you do, we ask where have you been? And really you are not sure where you have been. But we ask you again to remember yourself in the stillness, there you will find the messages in the wind. But you wont be carried away with the mighty whirl of incomprehension and absence.

Love your life.

Live your life.

We love you.

We whirl with you.


We leave you in Peace.

- The Circle of the Ancient Ones'

Lemurian Grace - 06/05/2022

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