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Updated: Sep 27, 2022

'Hello, we are the Circle of the Ancient Ones. We have come again to you today, to let you know about what is happening to you at this time. You are being escorted into the higher realms. What does this mean? It means we are here with you on this journey, you are not alone in raising your consciousness to higher levels. Before this time there was much imbalance, there was much swaying, and left and right and to-ing and fro-ing. We are here to surround you in light and activations to help transmit, unload and recode.

What if you were to fully trust to let go and fall free, and realize what is the missing variation and loop. The missing variation is who you already are but have forgotten. The missing variation is whom you will be, if you believe in the infinite possibilities for it to be so. We speak in riddles, as life is a riddle of sorts. A puzzle that does fit together, even though it might not seem like it at times. You are a piece in that puzzle, an important piece, that if it got lost, the whole would not really be complete. Where is the missing piece, oh, its under the table waiting to be picked up. Its ok, it just fell off, this small piece of puzzle. Puzzling as it all seems this game of life, you have played it before many times, so why don't you just remember how it goes. Easy for us to say, we are not in your shoes. But we know the direct equation that would help at times, but the time is the eternal of now, and that is really what you have to work with. Work with it as best you can. It is the never-ending, far reaching outstretched hand of the universe wanting to help you. It is just a birdsong away from you, the sharpness of the wing of an eagle flapping in the wind, it is you whom is exquisite, a sight to see for us.

Look for us in your skies, in your rainbows, in your cities of your own judgement of self and denial of the beauty. Do not deny yourself the beauty of what is already around you, for this is what holds the treasure. The gold is already there so to speak.

We love you.

We Leave you in Peace, for now.'

The Circle of the Ancient Ones

3/7/2022 - Channeled by Lemurian Grace

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