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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

'Listen, we can hear you, you don't need to speak to understand, to remember where we are, where are you - there you are, remembering. Remembering what you thought you had forgotten. Endless lists of antidotes and betrayals. You have fallen and now you rise.

The time has come, the time is now, in the eternal time of now. In the river of endless currents and spiritual development the time has come to remember. Remember who you are, remember who you aren't. Remember you are wise and remember you are loved. When you feel safe you are ready to fulfil - to feel full, your cup overflows. Your wisdom can rise and make itself known again.

It was there all along, but the river was blocked somewhere along the line. The dam is broken, the river can not stop its movement now. So no use getting in its way. Flow, flow, flow, let it go, go, go and rejoice in the feeling of floating with the stream of consciousness. The stream that loves to flow, the stream that is yours. We will be with you always. We know how hard it has been. There has been so much unrest and yet so much perseverance. We would like you to know that it is time to rest.

As it is a new time. A new time of display of what was already there, but wasn't ready to show itself. The peacock waiting if you like, to display its full feathers. Have no fear to display your colors and majesties to the world because it is time. There may be more steps for you, more of the obvious relocations of the mind that distract you from yourself.

Remember to be yourself. In the form and density of the chosen time and space of the infinite divine. You are a refection of everything and everything is a reflection of you. Shine on. What is brightness, what is the opposite of the light. It is only you whom have the answers to your questions really. What is the answer to the riddle of life, but to walk the riddle of life and see and hear and listen.

Everything you need is in the sound. The space in between the sound too. The eternal spaces, where you will find us, where you will find yourself - again. You are free to roam and expand in your own time and space, without consultation to another, you are the answers.

You are free, when you remember there are no walls. Nothing to climb over, nothing to escape from but the inner division that may tell you differently. Who or what to listen to. What are you telling yourself. Rewrite the programs, programming and dialogue. We are with you always, in all your endeavor's at this time.

And we congratulate you on the award that is to be received, all in good time and faith.

We are the Circle of the Ancient Ones. And our sound is audible to you, when you are in the car with the sound up so to speak. But also when you cant hear us. This is when we speak the loudest, as sometimes words are not necessary for you to hear us loudly.

Listen for the space in between sounds, there you will find what you need.

We go now. This has been a long message. But today is a new sound and a new heartbeat.

The Earth is Ready. Beating her drum for you.'

- The Circle of the Ancient Ones.

24/06/2022, Channeled by Lemurian Grace

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