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For you see.

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

'Here we are, we are back, back where we have always been. In front of you, behind you, every which way but you, didn't see us, so you didn't realise what was there. There in front of you, all the time, time withheld, time immortal. We are your trees, we are your wind, we are your seas, we are your earth and fire - we are aspiration and inspiration.

Why don't you see us - why don't you believe we are here. Because your eyes focus on other things, but one day they will be able to see more clearly and the invitation will be for you to see all. All. All. All over, all under. Its like all the things you keep hidden under the bed, out of sight but not out of mind. We have always been there, in a way, under your bed. What if you already knew and saw it all. You would be baffled and befuddled by it all. It would all be too much at once. We would like to teach you how to unwind your eyes. They are sprung like a coil, and need to relax a bit more. They work far too hard really. What if, you were to stay at nature more, fully see see see see see see see see see see see see - do we have to say the word again? For you see, to see is to see - think of this word - as you see you are fully realised. You are seen. But you can't see the seers, the wise ones around you, surrounding you, knowing you. Knowing you are more than your eyes. More than what your eyes see. Do your eyes see or another part of you. The eyes are the gateway - but you have to walk through. You have to be eager, you have to understand that this gateway is expansive and creative and your eyes are ready for this. The rest of you just has to catch up. To realise, to see - to See to See to See - You See? Do you really see? Where are you? Only sitting /standing/lying in the world you see. What if you were to touch, smell, hear - use your other senses - to 'see' where you are now. You would 'see' in a very different way - but you would still be 'seeing'. As you would be present. And the seer is the present one. So look at what your seeing. Are you really seeing. Are you really present.' - The Circle of the Ancient Ones. Channeled by Lemurian Grace, August 2021.

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