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Here we are.

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

'Here we are, here we are again, here we are back where we started, back where it all began. Where did it begin, at the beginning, where will it end, at the ending. Don't be afraid of what is in the middle, the endless timelessness of essential living and engagements together with knowing there is something more. There is, there is so much more and you know this, you have always known this, but maybe it was forgotten. To remember now is to come full circle, to infinity with the recollection that the infinity was never really there in the first place. The remembrance was, the remembrance that you are and always have been a pilot in the waves, knocking at the shoreline. Knowing, not knowing, yet trusting in the unknown, perseverance and persistence is what is most needed right now. A drive, a never-ending search for peace and happiness that lies deep in your soul journey. You have been here before, but things have never been the way that was planned from the beginning, you already knew everything, many, many times.

But forgetting made you stronger, forgetting made you remember over and over again. That you had to trust, to remember, to allow, to be Grace. To be Grace, is to have grace - to encapsulate all that you already are and have always been since time eternal. Be not afraid of what is external and gifted to you, by this we mean what is wrapped up in the disguise of uncertainty. When the future is actually certain. It is golden.

It glows as you walk toward it, always towards it, look left, look right, look forward look beyond and you will find what is uncertain is certain. Certain, let this envelope you, the word certain. May you feel certainty in your body, feel it, feel it breathe into every cell. The certainty that all is well, all is as it should be, all is well, all is as it should be.

Otherwise you wouldn't be here. But you are.

We are the Circle. The Circle of the Ancient Ones. We love you, we are here.'

Channeled by Lemurian Grace, 1/3/2021

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