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Here we go.

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

'Here we go. This is the time. The time you have all been waiting for. There will be a jolt. There will be a bang. There will be a rush. There will be a rattle, bang, pop. There will be all of these, there will be none of these. Leave it all behind. As we step over the threshold, leave all expectations behind of what is to be and what is not to be. Release and refuse. Refuse what no longer serves you.

You are ready. Ready to walk through, to enter new spaces filled with new ideas. Wonderful themes of optimism now can take hold. What does this mean, it means you are changed, this last year has enabled change to take place. To take place faster. Your earth is vibrating faster now and you had to meet it somehow. Optimism is to be met with arms outstretched as if meeting an old friend again. What if you were to understand again that it was all meant to happen this way. The unravelling of the threads of a jersey, that was old and frayed. The words don't make sense to some, but someday they will.

Adjust and re-adjust, and you will be met with the ability to recognise that is all ok just as it is.

Know that you are all in the right place and where this is, is knowing. What we mean is, what if there were things you didn't know, what if you were to trust and expand to what you can't see, and in this there is a 'knowing' in itself. The understanding and enrichment of your mind knowing in the unknowing, the next step. Like a call to the wild woods of your mind, the places and spaces that were too scary to walk in. What if these places and spaces were places to rest and to actually stop walking for a while. What is peace? Where is peace? What if there was a place called Peace, would you feel ready to go there? Or maybe you are there. So, we ask only that you remember how it feels to be human at this time. For to be human is to be on Earth, is to return. Return, re-turn in this tumble dryer spin of Earth, ready to unleash all the gifts that have been hidden.

You are not alone. We love you. We respect you all.

For we understand how the not-knowingness can be frustrating. But what if you no longer saw it that way, but as a mirage of wonderful knowing in a sea of tranquillity.

We love you. We respect you. We are there, we are here, we are known and not-known. Understand your richness. You are infinite gold. A treasure chest.

We leave you now. The Circle. The Circle of Knowing. The Circle of Remembering. The Circle of the Ancient Ones.'

Channeled by Lemurian Grace, 1/2/2021.

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