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We are here.

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

'We are here. We never left you. Alone. You are never without. You are never with. You are always with. Are you? Are you really? Yes you are.

Where are you now - is it where you chose to be - is it where you would like to be. Ask yourself what it is you would really like? And how would that feel if it came to fruition? How fruity would it be? We say this for humours sake - we say this for the sake of your sanity - humour will keep you sane and in good spirits, especially at this time.

Where are you in your life scheme, do you have a scheme, or is it all happening to you. Its all happening to you, but really its happening WITH you. You are the middle ground, the middle man, the middle person or are you a muddle in the middle? What if there was a way out, what if there is always a way out, even if it appears there isn't.

Appearances, as they say, can be deceiving. Deception is in the eye of the beholder to see through it. Deception can be like glass if you understand that clarity comes with knowledge. And knowledge comes with understanding the picture is bigger. The wall that the picture hangs is very large and you can see it only when you take a step back. Why are you only looking at the one picture, maybe its because its what you have always known. But what if you were to see yourself as a conduit for more, a conduit for change. An electric current of human electricity and ready to supersede, ready to intercept, ready to find what is required to allow the new. The new, in whatever shape or form that may take is surprisingly scary, is it not. It is the unknown.

What is known, what is unknown, what is vastness, what is a wide open expanse, what is limitless in its requirements is not what you expect. Expect it all, everything you would like, expect with clarity: And what is in alignment with the universal laws. And so we say to you, you are worthy of it all, all that is in your scheme of things. All that is in your path. Your path is the path you always walked and every step is yours to take. We are with you, we see you. We see you. We understand you.

What if you were to walk your path knowing this is in your heart, deeply ingrained in the knowledge you are never alone. Be still and know this now, you are here, you are where you are supposed to be. We are with you.

The Circle of the Ancient Ones.'

Channeled by Lemurian Grace 3/11/2021

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