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Welcome to this site.  Nicola Gibbons started speaking Light Language in 2013 as a pupil of Judy Satori, later learning the language is Lemurian. This language assists in calming the nervous system. She also sings the ancient songs with drumming, toning and sound healing. The words being brought through her to balance and align the chakras, to attune to the potential. With emphasis on the Solar Plexus chakra.  

The Light Language brings through coding to activate to your own divine power and inner wisdom. It is a wonderful tool for the ascension process.  

Currently based in New Zealand, Nicola has been hosting groups called 'Lemuria Rising' around the world.  And has travelled extensively to many of the earth's sacred sites, with many voyages and stories. 

Lemuria was an ancient civilisation situated in Hawaii (Hawaiikinui). It was a time of great peace and higher consciousness. These energies are being anchored again, and we are remembering how to live together in this way, remembering the Grace of Lemuria.  Arohanui.

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'Calm the spirit, and the rest will follow'

- Lemurian Grace

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Past Events

Joyful, healing and unique events, a place to meet.  Take your place in the circle.  Joining with guests from around the world.

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Past Events

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15 October, 2019


For a personal session with light language, song & sound healing specifically for YOU.

*Im currently unavailable to offer sessions

These are powerful yet gentle sessions, that assist in calming the nervous system, as when we are calmer, we are able to make clearer decisions.  Each session is either in Zoom or 1:1.

The Light Language activates the DNA potential to align to your divine blueprint and purpose. To entice the ease; for a greater sense of harmony, grace & balance in your everyday life.  We are being called to remember and embody our divinity.  Our birthright.

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Zoom Session - 20 mins

A message especially for you & Chakra balancing with Light Language & Song. To assist & calm the nervous system.

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'It has been a privilege to participate & assist in supporting Nicola in her Lemurian Rising groups. I have witnessed from the very earliest groups the wonderful energies that arise throughout an evening. Nicolas natural abilities of bringing through sacred tones has helped to shift stuck energies & helped ground in higher vibrational frequencies through her gifted channelling. Not forgetting experiencing first hand the group collective sound toning that has emerged at the end of these groups. So Amazing, Uplifting & Empowering! Thankyou! Love & Light to you always' X

Jacque Testa

'Nicola is such a bright channel for love and Light and remembrance of our deeper Galactic roots. She shares her Galactic Lemurian gifts so generously and with so much grace. I always love listening to her express the Lemurian Light Language. It takes me deep and resonates within my being. I feel grounded and connected every time. I find it very playful too. So it is a powerful combination of playful and deeply profound! Thank you Nicola for sharing your gifts with the world. Loving you'

Lidija Ablamska

'I think Nicola is a powerful and very intuitive healer. I loved her Skype session. When she was balancing my chakra's, I could feel energy moving through. Also it felt like two chakra's had a cord attached, but after clearing these disappeared. When Nicola was singing my chakra's were vibrating, it is hard to describe, you have to experience it yourself.

Nicola did Toning and Voice exercises with me as well. As I am not used to hearing my own voice it was difficult to make a noise, but Nicola lovingly went through it with me couple of times. On the third time, when I was confident, she let me do it on my own. Overall after the session I was much calmer and happier. I highly recommend Nicola to everyone. Thank you Nicola for sharing your gifts and practical advice with me'.

Irena Buinauskaite.

'I have attended a couple of Nicolas light language evenings and have always received guidance and healing. Her work is very powerful and would recommend it to anyone who can work with those amazing energies'

Paul Richards

'I had the good fortune of meeting Nicola and having both a healing season and a group experience facilitated by her. The impact led to my own experience with sound and toning which means that my very soul found expression more deeply in the material world. It was very special and is now a regular part of my spiritual practice. Thank you Nicola, I can’t recommend you enough'

Michelle Henderson

I have participated in several events created by Lemurian Grace. I not only love the communal co-creative intention that comes from the group gathering but the healing energy bestowed from the light language of Lemuria. Each group is totally unique as they are combined with the different offerings from invited collaborators making each event unique, energising and joyful.

Karin Reid

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