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Updated: May 29, 2022

And so my inner Masculine said to me - 'I'm afraid of the Feminine, I'm afraid of its Power. I'm afraid it will 'take over' and there will be nothing left of me. And my inner Sacred Feminine said 'no, I offer you only compassion and support in your emotions. They will not take you over, as I will hold you and support you through them. You will become more empowered, not disempowered, don't be afraid. Ask for my help and I am there for you'.

And so my inner Feminine said to me - 'I am afraid, as I don't feel supported physically, I feel alone and vulnerable. My outer being will stay quiet, subdued and not voice my truth in the physical world, as it is unsafe'. And my inner Sacred Masculine replied 'if your truth is from the heart, and with compassion, do not be afraid to speak or act in that truth. Trust in me to support you physically. To hold you, so you don't feel alone. Feel this, what it's like to feel safe. Ask for my help and I am there for you'

The World Awaits.

Lemurian Grace - 22/02/2022

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